one man for one woman

two souls unite and become one




the drink and the dish

two foods

woman puts drinks in his mouth
man put meal in her mouth

two foods for two souls




one and one makes two

the two unite to make one

the result is a third

man loves a woman
woman cherishes a man
love has consequences
beautiful baby is the outcome

the two become one when bonded by love of the third

sign of love is number three






too sensitive.

his mother father
her father mother

how four becomes one

inner love

pure touch

public private

walk talk seat

eye to eye

lips to lips

breath to breath

soul to soul

we are one


Two II


man love woman
woman loves man

it begins with just two

disaster happens when there is a third

flowers blossom when they keep it two


One I


there can only be one.

one mr right.

woman needs a man
man needs a woman

women wait
men chase

If the hunter is right, the prey falls